Jewellery and Photography

Glittering metallic lace, mounted on felt and adorned with crystal. Hand made by Maddy Sykes



Herby- bits for summer

Night owls…Necklace was created with the discovery of a pair of matching shells, on the Black sea coast. Joined together, they simply screamed “OWL” at me! So I brushed them with gold leaf and added crystal onto a felt owl with braided ties.

As for the rings, the husband found him on a market stall. So, he is perched on his branch, silhouetted against a full moon until the end of time. The other ring, using the same pale and creamy felt is bound with metallic thread and and a scattering of tiny Aurora Borealis crystals, to imitate a  tiny solar system



Feather-light, reversible bracelet with a slightly fluffy look. Using a lilac, corded brocade, mounted on felt, I backed it with hand-braiding. Both sides sparkle with tiny crystals

Beautiful skies, as seen while walking through the Worcestershire countryside in the early evening. The colours change continuously, so it is not possible to capture two identcial images – unless you copy anyway.




My hand crafted jewellery and photography can be seen here

Created in felt with embroidery silks, crystal and shell, there is something for everyone. To the left,   rustic, friendship bracelet with crystals and a matching thumb ring. On the right, another ring sits comfortably on the thumb. All rings are based on a  braided band, lined lined with felt.From the Red Sea 

This morning was about as miserable as it gets – grey, cold and very wet.Determined to shake off the blues, I pulled on my metallic gold shoes (not in the least bit glamorous, but they just refuse to die) and squelched my around the farm, in search of something “happy”. I  didn’t have to go far to find evidence that we shall have colour everywhere, before long.





Not being a huge fan of February, the burden of gloom always seems to lift at the sight of snowdrops. We have a fair old field of them down on the farm, where we live.

I thought I would post a few “daffys” that I photographed a couple of years ago. I have around 6,000 images in store. Too many not to share methinks! Incidentally, I do not consider myself a photographer. It is just my “thing”. The countryside is ever changing,and I love to just wander about,clicking away. Then, returning to my study to experiment with different digital effects. It chills me out.



Well, we have had some horrible weather and as it is set to continue, I thought I would share with you, thoughts of sun, sand and sea. These shells from the Red Sea coast have been brushed with gold leaf and embellished with twists of metallic thread and crystal.

From the Red Sea
Brushed gold seashell

For kids

 Here we have a few designs I came up with for my grandchildren – I almost have eight, so have been well tested and found to be utterly indestructible.

Neckties for litle boys


,Necklaces for little girls