A Poem for February


I think everyone gets a little depressed at this time of year, but spring is not so far away. There are snowdrops beneath the tree. Where there are snowdrops, there is always hope. I wrote this to cheer myself up a bit, one grey day. Do like if you do!

Fabby Febby!

Cold, dark and depressing,

Fabby Feb was here again.

Apathy and lethargy were tethered to my brain.

The month has just one feature,

For which we’re truly blessed –

Fabby Feb is forty-eight hours shorter than the rest!

I re-read many books I hadn’t looked at for decades,

Resisting ‘War and Peace’, ‘Les Miserables’ and ‘Fifty Shades’.

The water froze in all the pipes,

And that alone alarmed me.

When the thaw set in, I’d get a freaking great tsunami!

My little black book had some names of people who were handy,

So I picked the first one on the list and sent a text to ‘Andy’

I told him I had no idea where stopcocks were located…

Without checking predictive text, I was incarcerated!!

He reacted very quickly to my message, that’s for sure,

But then, unknown to me, he had expected something more!

I must say, he looked pretty fit,

But it was only my intention,

For him to check my taps out with advice on flood prevention.

I apologised that I was not able to offer tea,

He said, “No worries, leave all lubrication stuff to me”.

His trousers were slung very low,

Displaying builder’s bum

I had to get him out of here – I couldn’t cut and run!!

So I had a shot of whiskey and prepared to cut some slack.

Then he started to get chatty and there was no turning back.

“I’m sorry, mate, you’ll have to go,”

I said, “I’ve someone coming.”

He stopped me there and said that he could hear some water running.

I told him I would deal with it,

He heartily objected,

When he realised, at last, that he had been rejected.

I pushed him out, slipped on the step and then I spun around,

And there I was, just lying there, unconscious on the ground.

I came to in the hospital,

My leg was in a pot,

And my amorous young Valentine was right there, by my cot.

“I’m all right, you can go now!” I told him, “I’ll be fine.”

But still he stood there so I screamed,


                                   Fabby Febby y Maddy Sykes

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